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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching begins with the same process as described above for the Individualized Training Plans. Additionally, after you receive your training plan we will work together over that time to adjust the program based on your body’s response.  This is a more flexible option that allows for maximal success and reduces the chances of overtraining and injuries (although no coach can eliminate injuries altogether).  Personal Coaching includes communication with your coach, which may be electronic, via phone, or in person for those in the greater Seacoast or Boston area. You have the option to subscribe on a continuing basis of $125 per month or pay upfront at greatly reduced prices for 3, 6, or 12 months of personal coaching.

Ongoing Subscription (with automatic withdrawal)







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[box style="rounded"]“The training doesn’t have to be spectacular and it doesn’t have to kill you. It just has to be consistent. I think that’s a good thing to learn this year.” – Molly Huddle after breaking the American Record in the 5k (14:44.76). During this FloTrack interview she noted that none of her workouts were anything special and they didn’t seem like American Record type workouts. A good lesson to learn indeed.[/box]

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