Find a Race Series

Racing can be a fun and extraordinarily rewording on a number of levels. Sometimes, however, it”s difficult to

New England Grand Prix

Lesley Hocking and BAA teammate Kasie Enman competing at the Stowe 8-mile race.

choose a race or you can get stuck in a rut with the same races every year. Other people find it difficult to commit to a race due to fear that they”re not prepared (even if they are). If you find yourself in one of these situations, finding a race series could spice up your running and racing.Signing

up for a series is also a great way to maintain your motivation since it gives you fun goals to work towards.

Race series are highly variable but most have special awards for runners who complete all or some set percentage of the series (e.g. jackets, shirts, hats, etc.). They often do a good job creating a fun, festive atmosphere. Plus you get to race or run with many of the same people, helping to create a positive community and meet new friends. One word of advice when signing up for a race series is to look into the rules and if pre-registration is necessary for the series and races separately. Below is a sampling of running race series. If you have a favorite series or have experience with any of these series leave us a comment and let us know.

New England Grand Prix
The New England Grand Prix road races series is the premier series in the northeastern US. The races in the series change every year but high qualities, well-established New England road races are generally selected for the series.

New England Pub Series
A very popular series of six races sponsored by New Balance. Be sure to sign up in advance to avoid being shut out of a race.

Capital Area Race Series (CARS)
This is a seven race series in the greater Concord, NH area.

Seacoast Road Race Series
This popular series includes 9 races from May to November in the coastal area of New Hampshire and Maine. The races are generally well organized, fun, and festive. Beware though, they sell out quickly.

SMAC Race Series
This series includes 14 challenging courses in mountainous areas.

North Shore Race Series
Another 14-race series. This one is sponsored by the New England Running Company and the North Shore YMCA.

Harvard Road Race Series
Not to be confused with the prestigious university located in Cambridge, this series takes place in the scenic areas around Harvard, Massachusetts. The four races in this series take place in July, September, October, and November.

Hermes Road Race Series
Hermes provides an extensive series of races throughout the year in northeastern Ohio.

Salem Road Race Series
Six races around Salem, MA constitute this series.

Magnificent 7 Road Race Series
A series of races around Bloomington, Indiana.

Run Against Cancer Event Series (First Giving RACES)
A 6-race series in Boston, MA to raise money to fight cancer.

Timex BC Road Running Series
Timex sponsors this 15 race series that runs from January to July in British Columbia, Canada. Much of it on the beautiful island of Vancouver.

USATF Mountain Circuit
For those who enjoy getting off the roads, the USATF offers a series of Mountain races around NH, MA, and VT.

Five races provided by the Memphis Runners Track Club

Irish Triple Crown
I almost forgot to mention the new Irish Triple Crown coming up over the next three weekends in New Hampshire. It’s put on by Millennium Running.


I hope this helps revitalize your running and racing. Sign up for online coaching or a custom training plan now and let us help you prepare for your next running series.